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Louder than words / TVS Wego

This film is special for so many reasons. The biggest being that this was our very first film. The film that launched us. Quite literally. What started as a freelance project between Boris Kenneth (Our producer) and Sahit Anand (Our Director) became more than just that. The film was launched on valentines day and garnered over 500 thousand views in less than 24 hours and quickly got became talking points in a lot news media as well.

Sahit quit his day job, joined forces with Boris and Anand and formed DO. 

Who says you need say "I Love you" to say "I Love You"? Our film takes this idea and expresses it in a way that touches a very human part, buried deep in all of us.

Directed by Sahit Anand

Produced by Boris Kenneth & Anand Akalwadi