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Death by Farming

We're both physically and emotionally invested into everything we do. But when a project involves such topics as Suicide and Farmers, it's a little hard to separate work from worry. The number of Farmers who have killed themselves over the last 10 years is just staggering. The more we enlightened ourselves on the topic, the more we learnt that there isn't a common reason for this phenomenon. The reason for our farmers taking such drastic measures vary from not able to simply repay a loan Rs. 10,000  ($150) to not having rains for a couple of years on end.

But there is hope. There are NGOs all across the country who are trying to help. And for them, even the smallest of help from people like us goes a long way. All we need to spare is a thought and some time.

Directed by Sahit Anand

Produced by Boris Kenneth & Anand Akalwadi