Good is Bad / Wipro

Good is Bad / Wipro

Good is just a start.
Go further.
Go beyond the finish line.
Beyond good, beyond great.
Beyond the next.
Beyond the unexpected.
Because, Good doesn’t last.
And the greats? They never rest.
Out-think. Out-do.
Out-pace and out-wit.
Because Good, is never good enough.
You’ll never get permissions and,
it’ll never be your turn.
But if you want to be more than good
You’ll have to do more than most.
Sure, good feels great.
But remember,
Today’s great is tomorrow’s good.
Keep Out-thinking.
Keep Out-innovating.
Keep Out-reaching.
Because the only way to outlast,
is to outperform.

Written and directed by Sahit Anand
Executive Producer: Boris Kenneth and Anand Akalwadi
Associate Producer: Dannilla Donald Correya