"I can't feel my face/Thalli Pogathe" Cover by Boris Kenneth

Thalli Pogathe + I can't feel My Face Cover / Boris Kenneth

How can we describe pain? We've come to realise that, while all of us, at one point or the other, have experienced it, it's still a place we don't like to visit often. There aren't enough words that adequately describe the feeling of loss. Especially when we lose someone, we love more than ourselves. Things that made us laugh, makes us cry. Our body aches while our senses winces in pain. We treasure our memories, but yet, we wish to forget. To move on. Most of us are strong enough to weather the sadness that comes with losing someone we love. But for some, it can be a bit too much.
This film is an exploration of loss. And the pain one experiences because of it.

Directed by Sahit Anand

Produced by Boris Kenneth & Anand Akalwadi