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Love is an involuntary emotion. Sure, you have the free will to either act on it or not, but the moment of falling for somebody is completely beyond anybody’s control. And at the core of this theme lies another very interesting phenomenon - Love at first sight. And so, we went about finding the most interesting way to film it. And while we were at it, a couple of kilometres from our office a dance collective called "Citizens Of Stage", was sweating it out 8 hours a day, developing a contemporary dance piece, exploring just that. When we met for the first time, it was as if cupid switched his bow and arrow for an AK-47 and worked his magic on all of us.

“Mush”. We decided on the name as it was the only way to describe what happens to our insides (hopefully not the outsides) when we fall in love. In the hands of our soulmate, we all turn to mush. Our heart and soul begin to quiver, knees go weak and head spins a bit. The film is an attempt to capture that emotion.

Directed by Sahit Anand

Produced by Boris Kenneth & Anand Akalwadi